The landscapes that I live in and visit, and the music that I hear and relate to, always influence my work. Colors, textures, shapes and movement are all included in my paintings. I love to watch the inner workings of the layers of color and texture as they develop and change.

When I started drawing with pencil, charcoal, and ink on paper, I found an amazing world of monochromatic color. It was exciting to then adapt similar works to canvas. Lines are always in my vision and in my paintings. I know where they begin, but not always where they will end. The lines invite me to follow them on a journey to explore a landscape, dance to music or perhaps just wander. The lines are the inner world that surrounds me.

My current work entitled Musical Movements is lyrical, elusive and moving. In my mind I am expressing music, intuitive thought and freedom. I do so in color and also in black and white and always with the use of lines.